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Hello Everyone!

As we live in the ˜Digital Age˜, I often tend to get my creative inspiration online rather than off. Though I still really enjoy looking through magazines and spotting amazing makeup on TV, social media networks such as instagram have made it so easy to find endless amounts of artists and creative posts. On social media everyone is able to showcase their artistry to the world, rather than just the successful ones- as is often the case in 'old fashioned' media.

There are so many amazing artists online I wouldn't even know where to begin, but there are a few categories in which to differentiate them. Of course, often times artists overlap these categories or sometimes make up a whole new category, but this is just a very general categorization of what kind of makeup instagrammers there are.

1. The 'beauty' grammer

Beauty instagrammers are becoming more and more popular, and often have Youtube channels to back up their insta posts. Though they can upload more creative and sfx posts as well, these instagrammers tend to share more wearable and every day looks. A few of my favorites are:

Chloe Morello @chloemorello

Chloe is also one of my favorite youtubers. Not only is she ridiculously beautiful (not at all jealous),          her makeup looks are flawless every time. She's also hilarious and does some amazing hauls. 

Manny Gutierrez @mannymua733

Manny is flawless. His looks hit the mark every single time and he makes me kind of sad that not all men wear full glam makeup everyday. He also has a youtube channel on which he has some amazing tutorials.

Alexandra Anele @alexandra_anele

I've only just recently found this account, but holy moly am I glad I did. The looks Alexandra create are so incredibly beautiful and creative at the same time. I love. 

James Charles @jcharlesbeauty
Another male who is killing the makeup game. James is younger than me and already so much better than I ever will be. He slays. For real.

Brookelle Mckenzie @bybrookelle

Again, a ridiculously beautiful woman who is just boss when it comes to makeup. Her looks are beautiful, creative and original. 

Julie San Augustin @pala_foxxia

I've been following Julie for a while and I just love her posts. She does some really creative things, but she also posts beautiful glam looks, everyday looks, swatches and reviews. 

2. The 'creative' grammer

These instagrammers have become my obsession/inspiration lately. They create the most amazing, orignal and artistic looks, using different colours, materials and techniques each time. Some of my favorites are:

Kelseyanna fitzpatrick @kelseyannaf

Kelseyanna has done some of the most AMAZING looks. Her eyemakeup is always so creative, and her lip looks are always really out of the box. I love seeing what she's come up with and she never fails to surprise me. 

Heather Moorhouse @makeupmouse

I love makeupmouse! Her looks are so crazy and beautiful at the same time! She makes me want to play with facepaint and paint my face a different colour. 

Rosie @familyg0retrait

Rosie works with a lot of colour and all her looks just pop. She usually creates a very wearable face with really creative and colourful eyes. I love seeing her halloween looks, she is just so talented. 

Kenyadempsey @kenyadmua

Kenya is one of my favorites at the moment. Her looks are so beautiful and ridiculously out there at the same time. She is a huge inspiration to me, and to think she's only 18!

Luna @openmindfreesoul

I don't know what it is with young people being super talented, but it's making me so jealous! Luna is only 17 and is honestly one of the best makeupartists I've seen. Her looks are beautiful, creative, original, and so, so inspiring. 

Regina @picturresque

Another fave is Regina, who can post beautiful wearable looks but also comes up with the most insane, creative makeups. I'm obsessed with her. 

Emily Clayton @vanityvenom

I can't remember when/how I followed vanity venom on insta, but boy am I glad that I did. Her looks range from beautiful to scary and everything in between. Such a talented makeup artist!

3. The 'SFX' grammer

The last 'mainstream' category is special effects artistry. This can go from prosthetics to 3d work to just amazing bodypainting. These people are so incredibly talented, and I'm always excited to see their posts, especially now we're in Halloween month! Some of my favorites are:

Marc Clancy @powdah

If you ever wondered what any part of your body would look like without skin, this is your guy. His posts contain some of the most amazing special effects I have ever seen, and some of it looks so real it gives me shivers. Wow.

Mike Marino @prorenfx

This is the company/person who creates Heidi Klum's iconic Halloween looks. Remember last year's Jessica Rabbit? All prorenfx. I am in awe of all their work and think Mike is one of the best in the biz. 

Jordan Hanz @jordanhanz

I am so excited that it's Hanzoween! Jordan does some amazing creative looks, but I love when she posts gory/sfx looks. She is crazy talented an I can't wait to see what she comes up with this month.

Mykie @_Mykie

Mykie is also a really well known youtuber, and creates some really gory looks. She's pretty much transformed all my favorite Disney princesses into bloody messes, and I love it.

As I mentioned before, these categories are super general, and most people tend to do all three. On my makeup instagram (@rowanlolamua) I try to do a bit of everything, and I know that many artists are the same! I just thought I'd share a few insta favorites with you guys, and I love finding new people- so tell me your favorites (or even your own instagram) and I will give them a follow!

Lots of Love,


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